About Blu


CHARLIE BLU is the brainchild of artist, Caitlin Moody. Although she uses many mediums, she specializes in polymer clay with a focus on bold and colorful statement pieces. She releases her beloved handcrafted jewelry and home decor in limited edition, small batches. 


 "My name is Caitlin Moody - many call me Cait or Caitie. Since I can remember I have always loved two things... the arts and fashion. As a kid I would have fashion shows, showing off to my siblings, having an outfit for every occasion.

I would make my loved ones gifts for every holiday with whatever was around the house and as I grew up I started explore different mediums.

That brings us to four years ago. I decided then to try working with polymer clay and it quickly became an obsession, as I had found my new favorite way to express myself! 

The word got out about my designs and after experiencing so much encouragement, CHARLIE BLU came to life and soon after, i decided to take a leap of faith and make it my full time pursuit.

Blu helps me bring together my love for color, fashion and making people feel beautiful. 

Where did the name CHARLIE BLU come from you ask? 

 CHARLIE BLU was inspired by my favorite artist my father, he was a beautiful, creative and caring man. He was a pillar in his community and a incredible father. He passed away when I was just a little girl. But he left such  impact on my life. He was my best friend and greatest cheerleader. the impact that he left on my life is created a fire in me to carry on his legacy. I try to put that passion into every piece I create.

CHARLIE BLU exists to encourage and empower boldness. Blu was made to amplify your greatness! There is a powerful strength in walking your walk. Why not do it with a little pop!? I try my hardest to make sure that each piece that I make is as creative, empowering, and fashionable as the beautiful humans that give it a home. My lovely #blubabes, you mean the world to me!

Be Blu. Be Bold. Be YOU."